Malaysian Futsal Online


Futsal that requires five players per team is a type of sports similar to football. Derived from Portuguese futebol de salao or Spanish futhol sala / de salon, in short, it simply means indoor football.

Futsal needs at least one as the goalkeeper while coach can have a total of seven substitutes per team. Even though the game is played pretty much similar to football, as a matter of fact, futsal is played over hard court surface with limited space while football is played over on spacious fields.

Malaysia Futsal Rules and Regulations

In futsal, walls and boards are not used and also, a smaller ball is used to replace the regular football. Over the years, rules and regulations were set emphasizing on creativity and technique to control the ball and passing it in limited spaces.

FIFA and AMF are the official governing bodies of futsal that determines rules for all aspects of game with a total of seventeen laws in Futsal Laws of Game. Mentioned earlier, the number of substitutes allowed is seven with unlimited substitutions during particular match. Therefore, substitutes are even allowed when the game is going-on in the court. Bear in mind that organizer will cancel particular match when a team has less than three players.

Proper Futsal Attire

Players are required to wear standardized jersey or shirt with sleeves, shorts, socks and shin guards made solely from either rubber or plastic and shoes with rubber soles. While on the other hand, goalkeeper may wear long trousers and different coloured kit since they played different position in a match.

Since it was incepted in the world championship in 1989, the game has garnered attention worldwide. However, the game was only popular in Malaysia during late 1990s. Throughout the years, you’ll notice an increment in the number of futsal courts availableeverywhere in the country especially in Kuala Lumpur.

Directory of Futsal courts in Malaysia

For those who are interested to play a game of futsal, they can easily rent the court with certain charges per hour use. It has become one of the most popular gamessince 2000 as it this is a much easier game compared to football.

Futsal, an exciting and fun game is also played widely among girls and women from all over Malaysia. For example, Malaysia’s innovative women’s TV programme, ‘3R’, organized all Women’s Futsal Playoffs which is the largest futsal tournament in Malaysia in 2006. It proves that the game is not only well-liked among men as girls and women also find it fun and thrilling.